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Change Log
Completed Phase 6 of the conversion to iterator-based algorithms. All scalar array algorithms have been completely converted and all SSL call sites have been refactored. This required extensive testing.
In the Scenome Scripting Language codebase, at <MemoryPointer> sites, replaced many multi-line declare/initialize statements with single line declare/initialize via the SSL::GetPointer() call that has been added to scalar array type data interfaces. Replaced other multi-line initializations with single line initializations using the <MemoryPointer> constructor to declare and initialize the <MemoryPointer> with a single statement.
In the Scenome Scripting Language codebase, to TYPE_FLOAT32_ARRAY_NODE_LAMBDAS_UTIL.SSL, added a lambda to set the values of the array from a .CSV file.
In the Scenome Scripting Language codebase, to TYPE_RENDER3D_UTIL.SSL, added code SSL::CreateShaderBuffer() to use the size of the <ShaderBufferNode> if a size other than zero has been specified.
Added support for Texture-to-Texture readback, including configuring readback of sub-regions and selecting specific slices/layers of layered textures. You can select Texture-to-Texture readback by choosing the <Texture> option from the Readback option on the <Texture> command menu.
Modified the <Texture> node info tip to not generate preview images for <Texture> nodes larger than 4096×4096 pixels. This is slow and impractical since large images have very tiny previews.