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Change Log

Completed Phase 7 of the conversion to iterator-based algorithms. This involved final integration testing in the Scenome Scripting Language codebase. All vector algorithms, such as <Float32VectorAlgorithms> have been converted. Next up is the conversion of vector array, matrix, and matrix array algorithms.

For the <Texture> node, modified the min and max value feature to use a <Float64Array> so that you can store a min/max value for each slice in a layered texture such as a 2D array texture or cubemap. This can also store one pair of values per layer face, in which case an array of four cubemaps (with 6 layer faces per cubemap) could store up to 48 separate min/max values. Further adaptions, such as only storing the min or max values are possible.

Added <ExtractChannelImageProcessor> which extracts a single channel from a source <Texture> into a destination <Texture>.

Added Scenome Scripting Language support for code calculating the min/max values from an <Image> object. Please see SSL::SetTextureDataMinMax() in TYPE_TEXTURE_UTIL.SSL.

To <ImageFormatQuery>, added a new method SSL::GetBaseFormat() that returns the base format for any multi-channel format. For example: if you query FP32x4, the base format is FP32.

Implemented new <DataCapture> class <TexureDataCaptureImageDataMinMax>, which captures an array of min/max values from a <Texture> object.