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Change Log

Added metadata to <Model3D> This allows the user to specify the Company, Author, Shell Folder, and Shell Name for the document. The Shell Folder parameter specifies the sub-directory of the \APPLICATIONS directory that contains the .scenomeapp file used to open the document when it is double-clicked from a Windows folder view. The Shell Name parameter is the name of the specific .scenomeapp file in the specified directory that should be launched to open the document.

Additional metadata allowed for the removal of the document registration system. This should be a totally transparent change for nearly all users. You will no longer receive messages from the application such as "Detected Unregistered Document". From now on, document registration, which was originally implemented to make sure that files did not escape the dependency management system, will now be determined by whether the file is present in the project file. To find the project file, start the Outline application and select File > Open from the main menu. There is a \SCENOME folder that contains the project file. Note that this change preempted other changes because it was preventing other related work.