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Release details are described below:

Change Log
In <ExperimentalAlgorithmsT.h>, fixed a bug that was caused by using a value of 4 (from vec4) as a multiplicand instead of the number of elements in the matrix.
In <ImageFormatQuery>, added a data interface to query whether or not a format is normalized. For example: IPF_8N, IPF_16Nx2, etc.
In <FileIO>, updated the array read/write data interfaces to use iterators. Updated the Scenome Scripting Language codebase as necessary for this refactor.
In <Image>, added a constructor data interface. This can simplify code in many places because you can declare and initialize with a single statement.

   // Previously in some SSL code:
   auto Image my_image;
   my_image.AllocateBuffer( 256, 256, Enum.IPF_8888_ARGB() );

   // Now in some SSL code:
   auto Image my_image = new Image( 256, 256, Enum.IPF_8888_ARGB() );
In <Int8VectorArray>, <Int32VectorArray>, and <Int16VectorArray>, added missing data interface members for GetPointer.
In <Color1555Array>, <Color565Array>, and <Color4444Array>, added data interfaces for GetView. These types are provided for compatibility purposes only, as these pixel formats are infrequently used. The updated was needed to make the Scenome Scripting Language codebase consistent. We are debating adding iterator and pointer data interfaces, but the need isn't clear.
In <Float32MatrixAlgorithms>, <Float32MatrixArrayAlgorithms>, <Float64MatrixAlgorithms>, and <Float64MatrixArrayAlgorithms>, removed memcmp data interfaces. These data interfaces are replaced by data interfaces in <Float32ArrayAlgorithms> and <Float64ArrayAlgorithms>.
In macro ApplicationRunTests(), added a test harness for texture readback.
Began removing <ImageDataTransfer> from the Scenome Scripting Language codebase. The functionality of <ImageDataTransfer> has been replaced by array views and iterator-based algorithms.
A few low-level bug fixes.