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Change Log
Added a field to the create texture wizard that allows you to specify a fill algorithm. The format presets in \Scenomics\Presets\Image Fill Presets are now much simpler. The presets only store up to four lines of data, one line for each channel. You can edit these by hand if you want and change the fill values. You can also create your own presets very easily by creating a new text file and adding default values that are suitable for your use case. The basic format is that values are either fixed point (such as 32) or floating point (such as 32.5).
Cleaned up how variably-indexed shader buffers are handled in documents. For the following GLSL:

   struct VertexInfo
      vec4 position;
      vec4 normal;

   buffer myBuffer
      VertexInfo info[];

You can now right click on a <ShaderBufferBindNode> and set the array count. In this example, <Float32VectorNodes> will be added or removed from the document depending on whether you increase or decrease the count. The size of the <ShaderBufferBindNode> and underlying <ShaderBufferNode> will be automatically set to the correct size in bytes.

Refactored ImageFormatQuery to use calls such as .IsUint8Format instead of .IsByteFormat(). This work is part of the global API restructuring for modernizing type names. Data interface name changes are as follows:

  • IsCharImage is now IsInt8Image.
  • IsByteImage is now IsUint8Image.
  • IsShortImage is now IsInt16Image.
  • IsWordImage is now IsUint16Image.
  • IsCharFormat is now IsInt8Format.
  • IsByteFormat is now IsUint8Format.
  • IsShortFormat is now IsInt16Format.
  • IsWordFormat is now IsUint16Format.
  • IsFloatingPointImage is now IsFloatImage.
  • New: IsFloat32Image.
  • New: IsFloat32Format.