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Change Log

Began removing obsolete <Render3D> data interfaces. Previously we used type-specific data interfaces like ReadShaderBufferFloat32Matrix or ReadShaderBufferFloat32Array. We are able to remove these type-specific data interfaces because <MemoryPointer> and typed sub-classes such as <Float32Pointer> are now available. This removal was delayed for six months to allow a long runway for code refactoring.

Added missing data interface members to <Int8Iterator>, <Int32Iterator>, and <Float64Iterator> data interfaces.

In the <Time> data interface, changed GetDoubleTickCount to GetFloat64TickCount.

Added a command for creating new applications to the Shell app. This will be used in upcoming documentation.

Cleaned up icon presentation in the Shader app. The New popup menu no longer has an icon, but the commands on the popup menu do have icons.

Added functions for setting shader uniforms to TYPE_RENDER3D_UTIL.SSL.

Another significant upgrade to Scenome Scripting Language help.