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Change Log

Update shell template documents to create new application shells with minimal user interface elements. Previously, the shell template documents contained a lot more command menus and keyboard accelerators than were necessary for a new application.

In APP_SERVICE_INSTALLER_SCRIPTS.SSL, added code to make sure we skip library import validation on scripts that are used as document templates. For example: if you create a new Scenome application shell, the create process includes creating basic scripts for the application. We should not attempt to perform library import validation on these template script documents.

Updated APP_SERVICE_DICTIONARY_UTIL.SSL to ignore all Scenome Scripting Language libraries when generating data interface documentation. The data interface documentation should only refer to data interfaces for C++ objects, not data interfaces for Scenome Scripting Language libraries.

In APP_SERVICE_FIRST_RUN_UTIL.SSL, fixed a bug that caused the wrong web page to load when the user tried to load the online help from the application's Help menu item.

In APP_SERVICE_HTML_UTIL.SSL, implemented minor clean ups in the way we generate the HTML for the online help.

In APP_SERVICE_MAIN_UTIL.SSL::GetIconsPath(), added code to make sure we check both possible directory locations for the \ICONS directory. The \ICONS directory can be in different cardinal locations depending on the user's build type. Developer builds (where everything is installed in D:\SCENOME_21_20 for example) are different from installed builds (where everything is installed in strictly proscribed locations).

In APP_SERVICE_SHELL_CREATE_WIZARD_UTIL.SSL, added code to support a user-defined company name and author. Previously this wizard only supported a user-defined application name.

In APP_SHADER_CREATE_DOCUMENT_SCRIPTS.SSL, modified the popup menu to only display an icon on items in the popup menu that appears when the user selects the New option on the File menu. Previously the New option and the File option both used the same icon. The icon should only appear on the popup menu items.

Removed unnecessary scripts from the Shell app layout document.

Fixed various typos in the Scenome Scripting Language codebase.

Updated data interface documentation.