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Change Log

New "Avalanche" sample application which uses GDAL, the GPU, and Scenome Scripting Language to implement GIS app that leverages GPU-compute. The application produces an HTML report that contains statistical analysis used to analyze terrain for exposure to avalanches.

New documentation for the "Avalanche" sample application.

In the Accumulate data interface, fixed minor return type incompatibilities and made minor changes to ensure casts are performed at the correct time. This is mostly due to Scenome Scripting Language's limited primitive types and should not affect normal program operation.

Added new SSL library TYPE_IMAGE_CHANNEL_UTIL.SSL that extracts channels from a source <Image> object into a destination <Image> object.

Updated all <VariableNode> property editing modules to use the min/max range values for node editing operations performed in the variable node edit wizard. For example: TYPE_UINT8_VECTOR_NODE_PROPERTY_SHEET.SSL and all similar.

Fixed bugs in <Image> object data interfaces. Previously, the data interfaces for GetUint8View, GetUint16View, GetUint32View, GetInt8View, GetInt16View, GetInt32View, GetFloat16View, and GetFloat32View could potentially initialize the underlying <TypedIterator> objects incorrectly. This could result in a crash.