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Change Log

Part 2/4 of the conversion to 64-bit. This release includes a 64-bit version of Scenome that contains infrastructure test facilities. Due to the small scope of the C++ changes required to implement 64-bit Scenome, it's likely this release is fairly stable. However there may be unforeseen issues, and upgrading to this version is recommended only for users who are very interested in exploring 64-bit support.

Scenome now generally supports very large allocations, but array counts are still must be within int32 range. We will issue further guidance as necessary.

Breaking Change Warning In Scenome Scripting Language, the class <MemoryBarrier> has been changed to <GpuMemoryBarrier> to avoid collisions with Windows classes. You only need to change the type name from <MemoryBarrier> to <GpuMemoryBarrier>. The underlying object behavior and data interfaces remains exactly the same.

This release includes a full data interface documentation update reflecting the 64-bit changes. If you continue to use Scenome 21.24, please be advised that some documentation has changed to reflect the use of 64-bit pointers. These pointers remain 32-bit in Scenome 21.24.

Users who do not plan on participating in the 64-bit testing pilot should not download this version and should continue to use Scenome 21.24.