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Change Log

Part 3/4 of the conversion to 64-bit. This release includes extensive testing, additional 64-bit stability fixes, and performance improvements. Additional data interfaces were harmonized to support 64-bit pointers, and the data interface documentation has been fully updated to reflect these changes.

64-bit guidance for Scenome Scripting Language. Any 32-bit signed integers used to store values from data interfaces such as Program::GetHandle() and all similar should be converted to 64-bit uints immediately. Local refactoring may be required. In addition, local refactoring may be required for any locations where 32-bit signed integer values are used to represent file handles or other pointer data. For example: if 32-bit signed integers are used to pass file handles/pointer representations to functions. In general, any necessary refactors should be fairly easy and our own internal analysis shows that these refactors can be performed with 100% reliability in a short period of time.

Preliminary infrastructure changes and tests to enable <StructInstanceNode> and <StructInstanceArrayNode> to support very large allocations. These changes are largely transparent to end users.