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Change Log

Part 4/4 of the conversion to 64-bit. Like Scenome 21.27, this release includes extensive testing, additional 64-bit stability fixes, and further performance improvements. The primary infrastructure upgrade and testing are now complete. Weekly releases over the next few months will contain new patches and additional guidance as needed.

Added explicit row and col support to all <DataCapture> base/sandwich classes such as <Float32VectorDatacapture>, <Float32VectorArrayDatacapture>, <Float32MatrixDatacapture>, and <Float32MatrixArraDatacapture>. There are new data interfaces for these. In general, this change won't affect how these objects are displayed in property sheets, but this change definitely allows these objects to be tailored for specific use cases. Previously, it was assumed that all vector data capture types were 4-D, and that all matrix data capture types were 4-D × 4-D. Internally, all vector data capture types are still 4-D and all matrix data capture types are still 4-D × 4-D, but the ability to set the row and/or column count makes it possible to do things in code that were not possible before. For example: sorting vector or matrix data capture types by dimensionality and then treating them as separate "types".

Video features upgraded to 64-bit.

Fixed a few minor 'bugs' in TYPE_CONTROL_POPUP_DIALOG_UTIL.SSL. The <Int8Control> class still used data member names that would lead one to believe the values were stored as <uint8> instead of <int8>. This was a potential source of script runtime asserts in the keyboard accelerator wizard.