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Change Log

Final 64-bit testing for the basic infrastructure upgrade to 64-bit, including final stress testing for large allocations in the 20-30GB range. This includes some very large allocations (4GB and 6GB) and a range of allocations from 500MB to 1GB. Performance improvements in allocation speed and readiness.

Added a flag to <VariableNode> that allows the user to specify whether or not the data is sent to the GPU once when the document loads, or once per frame. This has been rolled out on select <VariableNode> sub-classes only.

Fixed a bug in SSL:APP_SHADER_CREATE_DOCUMENT_UTIL.SSL. This code did not set the correct .SCENOMEAPP shell name when creating new files. This temporarily caused difficulties opening files from Windows® folders. For example: double-clicking a .BOX file to open it.

Updated data interface documentation.