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Change Log
Completed Phase 3 of the conversion to iterator-based algorithms. This mainly included harmonizing the existing sets of algorithms and data interface bindings so that the final conversion of remaining algorithms can be completed in phase 4.
Added a data interface SSL::FillRegion that blits an array into an array as if both were two-dimensional.
Changed all calls to SSL::GetIterators() to SSL::BindIterators().
Fixed minor bugs in the data capture wizard.
In SSL::Render3D::ExecuteProgram(), added a parameter that lets you choose whether or not to set local group values during compute dispatch. Otherwise the user cannot set these values in the shader if glVariableGroupSize is available on the host GPU.
Fixed a bug in the array util libraries such as FLOAT32_ARRAY_UTIL.SSL. The guard code previously checked start + count to generate warnings about printing large numbers of items to the console. Due to recent changes, this only needs to check the count.
Added support for filtering <Color> and <ColorArray> in <TypedIterator>. This allows you to reconstruct a <Color> object or <ColorArray> object from a <Uint8Iterator> object by calling SSL::Uint8Array::CastColor or SSL::Uint8Array::CastColorArray.
Fixed a bug in the <ColorArrayNode> property sheet. For a <ColorArrayNode> object with zero count, it was possible to edit the properties and go out of bounds. For example, if the count is zero then no color properties should be displayed at all.
Added a uint64 counter. Call Time.GetTickCountUint64() to use this.
In the Shader app build process, added complete support for creating <ColorNode> and <ColorArrayNode> objects. The build process now creates a <ColorNode> and <ColorArrayNode> for variables declared with the word 'color' in their names.
There is a major tech and performance upgrade to Plugin-Domain-GIS. Please see APP_AVALANCHE_CREATE_DOCUMENT_UTIL.SSL for more information and sample code (even if you don't have the Avalanche app).