Build Awesome GPU Compute Apps!

With Scenome® Compute Module ($59 US) and the Scenome® Buffer Module ($29 US), you'll be able to build complete GPU compute applications without writing a single line of C++. We even have a series of exercises that shows you how to build an application that uses CPU and GPU compute to solve a real-world problem.

Compute Shaders

Compute shaders make it possible to use the power of the GPU without advanced knowledge of vertex and fragment shaders.

Uniform/Shader Buffers

You can use uniform buffers to efficiently set large numbers of uniforms, and you can use shader buffers to allocate and modify large amounts of GPU memory without even touching a vertex or fragment shader. Even better, we've wrapped this all up in a graphical user interface.

Scriptable CPU/GPU Compute

You can access the power of your GPU without writing a single line of C++ code. Scenome Scripting Language has complete well-debugged interfaces to shaders, uniforms, buffers, and much more.

Go From Shader Code To Application Code In Minutes

With Scenome® Export Module($29 US), you can have an OpenGL® application for Windows®, Linux®, Raspberry Pi® 3, or Raspberry Pi® 4 running on your device in minutes. Build your shader with the Shader application, and when you're ready, click a button to export an OpenGL® application. Compile the custom application in seconds and you're away.

Build A Shader

Use the Shader application to create a new OpenGL® 300 es shader. Write shader code to implement video processing algorithms.

Export A Complete Application

Exports .H and .CPP files that implement the application, all OpenGL® calls, along with a Visual Studio® solution files, or makefiles on Linux®, and everything else needed to compile a complete OpenGL® application.

Compile Your Application

Build the exported application and see your shaders running in seconds.

Great Examples, Scriptable, Awesome Documentation

Scenome comes with all the features you need to be successful. There are numerous sample shaders, the application is extensible via scripting, and there are step-by-step tutorials with thousands of pages of API reference documentation.

Thousands Of Shader Examples

Thousands of working shader examples help you get real work done instead of writing shading language boilerplate. OpenGL® is so much easier when you start with working shader code.

Extensible Via Scripting

Object-oriented scripting language that is like C++ but easier. Write custom application commands, event handling, or even new wizards. Recompile the entire Scenome Scripting Language codebase in seconds.

World-Class Documentation

Access amazing documentation, including step-by-step tutorials that show you how to create shaders, test the features of your GPU, or use Scenome Scripting Language API.