This node inserts a vertex in the center of a quadrilateral.


Class registration and implementation information is as follows:

Category Documentation
Class HierarchyNode » Modifier » InsertQuadCenterVertexModifier
Data Interface NameInsertQuadCenterVertexModifier
Type StatusActive
Is Final TypeYes

<Modifier> Properties

Properties are as follows:

Property Documentation
EnabledDetermines whether or not the modifier is enabled.

<Node> Properties

Properties are as follows:

Property Documentation
NameSets the name of the node. Do not use / or \ [forward slash and backslash] in the node name as this produces conflicts with resolving link nodes that reference external files.
ClassSets the class of the node.
IDSets the ID of the node. This must be unique for each document, but different documents can use the same ID.
Export DisabledDetermines whether or not the node is exported during an export process, or possibly other purposes.
GuidEnumerates the Node's GUID.