Installing Packages

You need the following Scenome® modules to complete this exercise: Scenome® Platform Binaries

In this exercise you'll learn how to use Scenome's package manager to install new modules. You will need to make sure the Scenome Platform binaries are installed on your machine. You can download the current version of Scenome Platform binaries by signing in to your Scenomics account and looking in the 'Free Downloads' section of your Scenomics account page (link opens in new window).

Shut Down Running Scenome Applications

  1. Shut down all running Scenome applications.

Download The Package

  1. Sign in (link opens in new window) to your Scenomics account.
  2. Go to the downloads page of your Scenomics account (link opens in new window) and download the package to your machine.

    The package is a .ZIP file that contains a Windows installer executable. Take note of the installer name.

  3. Find the downloads option in your web browser and open the .ZIP file.
  4. Extract the .EXE file onto your hard drive and start the installer.
  5. Follow the installation instructions.

Start Outline Application

  1. Start the Outline app. (Start » Programs » Scenomics » Outline) or (Windows® key and then type 'Outline' to find the app icon.)

    The application displays a splash screen and then the application desktop appears.

    This is a picture of the desktop.

Install The Package

  1. Select Desktop » Install Package from the main menu.

    The software displays a wizard that allows you to select a package to install.

    This is a picture of the package installer wizard.
  2. Select the package associated with the installer that you just ran.

    For example, if you just ran scenome_export_binaries_setup_23_1.exe, then select the Scenome Export Module 23.1 package.

  3. Click OK and follow the instructions (if any) presented by the package manager.

    The package installer displays installation status messages in the output window. If you run into errors you cannot fix yourself, please contact for assistance. Please have the output window text ready for review.

  4. Select File » Exit from the main menu when package installation is complete.