Start Raspberry Pi® 4 Video Feed

You need the following Scenome® modules to complete all exercises involving the Raspberry Pi® 4: Scenome® Platform Binaries, Scenome® Video Module, Scenome® Raspberry Pi® 4 Export Module

This section assumes you have completed the previous exercise.

If you haven’t already set up your Raspberry Pi® 4 Camera please refer to the following link for reference information on this:

Start Video Stream On Raspberry Pi® 4

If you know how to access the Raspberry Pi® 3B; terminal ( via Tera Term for Windows® or similar ), and if you have the raspivid utility installed, then you can start a video stream by running the following command.

  1. Using RealVNC, or your favorite terminal application, connect to your Raspberry Pi® 4 desktop.
  2. Open a terminal window on the Raspberry Pi® 4.
  3. Copy the following command to the Windows® clipboard.

    Copy Text To Clipboard

    raspivid -o - -e -n -w 1280 -h 720 -fps 30 -g 30 -ih -pf high -md 4 -k -b 2000000 | cvlc -A-vvv -v stream:///dev/stdin --sout '#rtp{sdp=rtsp://:8554/video}' :demux=h264

    Note that you can set the resolution and frames-per-second of the video stream using the -w, -h, and -fps parameters respectively.

  4. Use CTRL + V or right click to paste the command into the terminal window.

    The RTSP address of the video stream is then as follows:

    rtsp://<RASP_PI_IP_ADDRESS>:8554/video, where RASP_PI_IP_ADDRESS is the IP address shown or specified during the connection process or on top of the terminal window.

    For example: rtsp://

  5. Write down the RTSP stream address.

Verify Video Playback

Use VLC to verify that your Raspberry Pi® 4 is streaming video from its camera.

  1. Open VLC Media Player. This is a picture of the VLC Open Network Media dialog.
  2. Select Open Network Stream from the main menu. This is a picture of the VLC Open Network Media dialog.

    VLC displays the following dialog: This is a picture of the VLC Open Media dialog.

  3. Find the text entry field named Please enter a network URL:.
  4. Enter the previously saved address for the Raspberry Pi® 4 RTSP video stream.

    For example: rtsp://

  5. Click Play.

    In a few moments the Raspberry Pi® 4 video (delayed by a few seconds) will appear within VLC.

    This is a picture of the VLC playing video from the Raspberry Pi® 4.