Uninstalling Scenome

You need the following Scenome® modules to complete this exercise: Scenome® Platform Binaries

In this exercise you'll learn how to uninstall Scenome.

Start The Shader Application

  1. Start the Shader app. (Start » Programs » Scenomics » Shader) or (Windows® key and then type 'Shader' to find the app icon.)

    The application displays a splash screen and then the application desktop appears.

    This is a picture of the desktop.

Access Application Binaries Directory

  1. Examine the main menu and select File » Open Application Directories.

    The software presents a menu that contains links to the most frequently used application data directories. Your menu won't look exactly like this, but you should see a directory located at the very top that ends with Scenomics. This is the application binaries directory.

    This is a picture of the application data directories popup menu.
  2. Left click the option to open the application binaries directory.

    This displays the application binaries directory. Your folder won't look exactly like the folder below, but you will definitely see most of the same content.

    This is a picture of the application binaries folder.
  3. Return to the running Shader application and select File » Exit from the main menu.
  4. Return to the Windows® folder that contains the application binaries.
  5. Double click unins000.exe.
  6. The installer presents a dialog that walks you through the uninstall process.

    Note that this will not remove the application documents directory, which may contain documents you created with Scenome.

    This exercise is complete. Return to tutorials.