MergePalette Data Member Function

Merges the palette of p_oSourceNode with a <Mesh>. The p_oSourceNode object must be either be derived from Path or <Mesh>, or be a <NodeLink> pointing at a Path or <Mesh>, or this function will fail. If Database is a valid <EditModel3D> object, or the <Mesh> is connected to a valid <EditModel3D> object, an editing action will be used to combine the palettes. Otherwise the palettes will be combined directly and the result cannot be undone by the user.


int32 MergePalette( EditModel3D p_oModel, Node p_oSourceNode )


Parameter Type Parameter Name Documentation
<EditModel3D>p_oModelA pointer to the <EditModel3D> containing the <Mesh> whose palette will be merged to, or null to merge the palettes without using the editing system.
<Node>p_oSourceNodeThe source <Node> whose palette will be merged with the <Mesh>.


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