<Model3D> Data Interface

Provides script language access to C++ objects of this type.

Class HierarchyType » Node » Group » Model3D

Function Members

Function members are as follows:

Return Type Function Name Documentation
int32AllDependenciesValidates that all dependencies in the <Model3D> are either unlinked or are linked to <Node> objects inside the <Model3D>. It is a common error to assign <Node> dependencies to <Node> objects outside the <Model3D>, for instance to a <Node> in an external <Model3D>. This is an error, however, and will be caught if this function is used.
int32OpenFileOpens a file from disk into the current <Model3D>. The existing <Model3D> is replaced.
int32SaveSaves the <Model3D> to disk using its current filename. Fails if the <Model3D> document has not been saved at least once (since the document must already have a filename).
int32SaveFileSaves a <Model3D> to the hard disk using the specified file name.
int32SetModifiedFlags the model as modified. Normal modifications to the model being edited do not require the use of this function, however if an external model is being edited, using this function will signal that the model should be saved before it is unloaded.
int32UnsavedReturns true if the <Model3D> object is unsaved. This test is performed by checking the <Model3D> object's Filename value.

Object Members

Object members are as follows:

Type Name Accessor Name Documentation
<DocumentInfo>DocumentInfoReturns a pointer to this object's <DocumentInfo> object.
stringFilenameReturns the complete path on disk to the document represented by the <Model3D> object.
int32PrecisionControl the numeric precision used when a <Model3D> is saved to disk. Changing to single precision from double-precision can result in rounding errors, but will result in a lower disk file size.
doubleUnitScaleGets or sets the <Model3D> object's UnitScale parameter.
int32UnitsGets or sets the <Model3D> object's Units parameter.