<Model3DSelectBuffer> Data Interface

Provides script language access to C++ objects of this type.

Class HierarchyType » Node » Group » Model3DSelectBuffer

Function Members

Function members are as follows:

Return Type Function Name Documentation
<List>GetSelectedNodesReturns a <List> containing the <Node> objects in the selection buffer.
int32IsNodeTypeSelectedTests if a specific type of <Node> is selected. Does not test if the specified type is the only type of <Node> that is selected, rather it tests if there are any <Node> objects of the specified type in the selection buffer. This means that any command acting on the selection buffer based on the result of this function should still perform type filtering on each selected object.
int32IsNodeTypeSelectedExclusiveTests if a specific type of <Node> is selected and is the only type of <Node> in the selection buffer.
int32SelectNodeSelects a <Node>.