BrowseFileSave Data Member Function

Displays the Win32 common file save dialog and allows you to save a file to disk.


string BrowseFileSave( int32 p_eFileType, string p_sCustomFilter, string p_sInitialFile, string p_sTitle )


Parameter Type Parameter Name Documentation
int32p_eFileTypeThe type of file to open. Prefer passing in the enumeration value Enum.OSFD_CustomFilter() for this parameter and also pass in a custom filter string. This value refers to the OSFileDialog_Filters enumeration. Please see TYPE_SERVICE_ENUMERATION_UTIL.SSL in the application scripts folder for more information.
stringp_sCustomFilterA string containing the custom filter. For example: 'All Imagery Files (*.bmp; *.png; *.tga; *.tif; *.exr; *.image)|*.bmp; *.png; *.tga; *.tif; *.exr; *.image|All Files (*.*)|*.*||;'. This must conform to the Windows file filter format. Please see APP_SERVICE_MAIN_UTIL.SSL for examples on constructing properly formatted filter strings.
stringp_sInitialFileAn absolute path (C:\\MyFolder\\AnotherFolder\\) to the initial location save the file.
stringp_sTitleThe title text for the dialog.


Copy Text To Clipboard

None published. Please look for an example in the Scenome Scripting Language code base.