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Change Log

Fixed bugs in VariableNode-derived property sheets such as <Int8Node>, <Int8ArrayNode>, <Int8VectorNode>, and <Int8VectorArrayNode>.

  • Made sure to clamp the property display count to 1 if it is zero but the array has a count.
  • Also fixed a bonkers clamp operation that 'randomly' clamped to 4 when it makes no sense to use this arbitrary value.
  • Added guards to prevent property set operations when array count is zero.
  • Added guards to make sure we only iterate and set properties if we have constructed a full set of property items.
  • In calls like EnumerateFloat(), set the min/max values to the values specified by the min/max values set by the user. Otherwise, if we use values like -INT_MAX / INT_MAX, the out of range values typed by the user are replaced with values that don't appear to make sense.
  • Fixed bugs where values such as c_fMin were passed to functions such as SetMax().
  • Added missing enumeration members to property sheet layout enumerations.
  • Added missing property sheet member initialization in ExtractProperties().
  • Fixed calls to SetValue that should be calls to ClampValue. Otherwise the values are not properly clamped to the range specified by the user.
  • Reordered <Float32MatrixArrayNode> and <Float64MatrixArrayNode> property sheet order to match <Float32MatrixNode> and <Float64MatrixNode>.
  • Made property sheet text names for increment, min, and max consistent in all property sheets.
  • Fixed a bug where sc_max was passed twice instead of sc_min, sc_max. This had the effect of forcing the value to always be something like INT_MAX.