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Change Log

Added per-channel fill options to the <Texture> Fill Buffer command. You can now specify a specific channel to fill (such as the alpha channel).

Added a script module type_image_channel_fill_util.ssl that contains functions for filling a single channel of an <Image> object.

Added a Name data member to the <DataCapture> class. While this class already had Source Name and Destination Name data members, these do not accomplish the same functionality as a name.

Fixed bugs in the following data interfaces: <Float16Vector>, <Float32Vector>, <Float64Vector>, <Int16Vector>, <Int8Vector>, <Uint16Vector>, <Uint32Vector>, <Uint64Vector>, and <Uint8Vector>. On occasion, it was possible for the GetView data interfaces for these objects to configure the <ArrayViewT> object incorrectly.

Updated libraries such as type_float32_vector_data_capture_util.ssl to include new functions for packing up to 4 scalars data capture objects into a vector. These options can now be accessed when adding data capture to <VariableNode> types that represent vectors. For example: <Float32VectorNode>.